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School of Future Skills in collaboration with NIET, Greater Noida is excited to present the Global Design Thinking Challenge "Segue 2.0" – A journey to Sustainovation, an innovative platform that invites creative minds worldwide to embark on a transformative journey of problem-solving, collaboration, and innovation. This challenge is designed to harness the power of design thinking and inspire participants to create impactful solutions aligned with our theme.

What's the Challenge About?

The Segue 2.0 challenge is a chance for participants to think up and bring to life their ideas using five important steps: Feel, Define, Divergence, Convergence, and Communicate. By following these steps, participants will learn how to solve real-world problems while also getting better at thinking creatively and solving tricky issues.
In the Segue 2.0 Global Design Thinking Challenge, we're really interested in linking new ideas and ways of doing things with the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These are 17 big goals created to solve some of the world's toughest problems by 2030. In a special part of the challenge, participants can focus on connecting their new ideas with one or more of these goals. This makes their ideas even more powerful and helpful on a global level.

Award Pool
Rs 6 Lakh


Hands-On Experience

Participants will gain practical experience applying design thinking principles to real-world challenges, enhancing their problem-solving skills.


The challenge will inspire participants to push boundaries, think creatively, and design solutions that have a lasting impact on society.


Participants will be able to collaborate with like-minded individuals from diverse backgrounds, fostering cross-disciplinary teamwork.


Expert mentors will guide participants through the design thinking process, offering valuable insights and feedback.


Outstanding solutions will receive recognition, exposure through media coverage, and the chance to contribute to a more sustainable future.

Challenge Structure

 The Segue 2.0 challenge encompasses three steps, each tailored to exemplify a different phase of design thinking, culminating in a physical event that celebrates the power of innovation:

Step 1: Team Registration: (fees for registration Rs 500/ USD 10 per team)
In the initial step, teams will register under a chosen theme. This process encourages participants to focus on a specific domain, aligning their passion and skills with the challenge’s objectives. Note: Registration fees will be refunded if a team is selected for the Physical Event and participated at the nodal center.
Step 2: Proposal Submission (Feel, Define, Divergence)
Teams will submit their proposals, leveraging the feel stage/empathy, define the problem statement and Divergence of Ideas as stages of design thinking. Participants will demonstrate a deep understanding of the problem areas, exhibit empathy for affected communities, and clearly define the challenges they aim to address.
Step 3: Physical Event (Convergence, Communicate)
This is the heart of the challenge, where participants converge to apply the ideas including the prototype and test stages of design thinking as well communicate the solution effectively. Collaborative workshops, expert mentorship, and hands-on activities will refine ideas, facilitate the creation of prototypes, and foster iterative testing. Note: TA will be paid for Sleeper class to all participants and accommodation will also be provided to the participants.

Award Categories

The Segue 2.0 challenge recognizes outstanding efforts across several categories, celebrating the innovative and impactful solutions that participants create.

Innovation Award

This award recognizes a solution that demonstrates outstanding creativity, going beyond the limits of conventional problem-solving methods

Impactful Award

This award acknowledges the solution that can make a long-lasting and significant impact on society by addressing crucial issues in a transformative manner.

Inclusivity Award

This award acknowledges the solution that demonstrates a commitment to addressing the needs of diverse communities and ensuring equal access to benefits.

Front Runners Award

Every team who reaches the final event will receive this Award, recognizing their dedication to sustainable innovation and their role in a positive change.

Design Thinking is
intelligence made visible.

Timeline of Segue 2.0

The Segue 2.0 challenge comprises of mentorships, trainings, and certification leading to the Grande Finale.


Upcoming Event

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Mentors Lineup

Distinguished Mentors who will guide you throughout the event. These accomplished mentors bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to help shape your journey.

Dr. Anbu Rathinavel

Chief Design Officer at Intellect Design Arena and Head of the School of Design Thinking.

Mr. UC Chandrashekher

Chief Executive Officer, GMSIR | Adjunct Faculty CPDM IISc

Mr. Sridharan

Bringing Invaluable Insights | Associate Vice President, GlobalLogic

Prof. Ts. Dr. Murali Raman

Deputy Vice Chancellor at Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation.

Mr. Yash Chawla

Asst. Prof. Department of Operation Research & Business Intelligence, Wrocław Tech, Poland.

Ms. Sonia Sharma

Manager - Learning and Development at LEK Consulting

Harness Out-Of-Box
Thinking and Foster Innovation

Organizing Team

Meet our team of experienced, energetic and industry experts part of organizing SEGUE 2.0

Dr. Priyanka Chandani

Head, School of Future Skills

Dr. Manish Kaushik

Trainer, School of Future Skills

Mr. Harsh Awasthi

Trainer, School of Future Skills

Mr. Yaduvir Singh

Trainer, School of Future Skills

Mr. Sanjay Kumar

Convener- IIC (A MoE Initiative), NIET

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